February 28th, 2006

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Fic Rec! Facing Forward by flyby. Tezuka & Ryoma, pre-slash. Anime continuity.

And this makes three times in the last year I've gone, "this is the best thing Chiya has ever written." But seriously. This is the best thing Chiya has ever written. And I say that about someone who, across three years and two fandoms, has always been one of my favorite writers. This is a must-read. It's a beautiful interpretation of post-canon, and the tennis matches just blew me completely away.

Languages from across the world murmur around the courts as Tezuka takes win after win; they make him work for his points, but only two come close to beating him. By the time coaching begins, on the Monday, there is respect in their eyes when they look at him. It makes Tezuka uncomfortable in a way that Seigaku never has.

Facing Forward.

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