March 13th, 2006


I haven't done one of these in a while. Collapse )

In the world of fanart, we have net-kissing!TezuRyo thanks to trinityhelix, gorgeousprettyhotsexydidImentionGORGEOUS Tezuka thanks to attics, and adorable buchou-molester!Ryoma thanks to ashieru.

In other news, which would be hysterical, if I weren't one of the people to whom this phenomenon applies, I have heard no less than three people on my flist mention today that they have started playing tennis because of Tenipuri. ♥ In other, other news, this is the slashiest bromide ever. Theirloveisso IN YOUR FACE. I love how the two most subtle characters in canon have the most unsubtle love of the entire series. Well, okay. Possibly the Golden Pair is more unsubtle. But only because some people say it with dumpsters at sunset, others say it with NETKISSING! tennis.

Take my poll. And then go write fic. :D :D :D