March 19th, 2006

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sdfjk;lajd oh no kevin you did not just use The Zero Shiki on Ryoma.

Ryoma is going to KILL you, frat boy. It's one thing to steal Ryoma's moves, but stealing Tezuka's? You're going to DIE.

Also. Your Random Tenipuri Screencap of Love For the Day: Collapse )
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    i hate the American arc.
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I'm watching eps 174-176 right now. The Tezu-Fuji match, right. And I'm supposed to be analysing it from the perspective of slashiness, because a couple of people have asked me to talk about how I read those eps as a Tezuka/Ryoma shipper.

BUT LIKE. omfg I can't analyze anything because Tezuka is so hot. Seriously, SO HOT. SO UNBELIEVABLY HOT. So hot that I just keep stopping, screencapping, and staring, stopping, screencapping, staring. AD INFINITUM. OH MY GOD TEZUKA, HOW ARE YOU THIS HOT.

This is such a great match. It's so exciting and HOT and suspenseful and HOT and well done and HOT and ASDKFDLSA Collapse )