March 23rd, 2006

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Have just spent last 4 hours or so watching major Tezuka/Ryoma-centric arcs with happiestwhen. Who is watching everything out of order so I am sure I keep inadvertently spoiling her. Life hard.

I seriously ship me/drop shot. I am in love with the drop shot. Seriously most beautiful thing ever. The fact that Federer dislikes the drop shot makes me think less of him as a person. While simultaneously relieving me because it confirms my suspicion that if Tezuka played Federer? Federer would be totally owned. Or perhaps I should say, Zwnd.

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Today's screencap is brought to you in honor of 90% Perspiration by prillalar, which you really really really really really really really really really really really need to read, because it is love like gay tennis rival slash love. Oh momokai.

Why is every ship in this fandom so utterly delightful? I've never shipped more than one pairing in a fandom before. Now suddenly I have like 60. AND THEY OVERLAP AND IT'S STILL GREAT. God, this show.

omg drop shots. ♥

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Dear flist, a question. Where would one go to locate raw Prince of Tennis downloads? Am about to embark on the great and wonderful adventure of the Songvid. Maybe. Hopefully. Blame Snow Patrol and loftily for my obsession with the idea of TezuRyo set to "Chocolate."

Also, dear flist, another question. I try to avoid the naval-gazing reflex, but is there really a Tenipuri revival? Since I'm, uh, deliberately surrounding myself with Tenipuri fans, I'm perhaps unable to see this. Are there really that many people who've gotten into the series recently??? and if so when can we expect your fic????

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