March 24th, 2006

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I have lots of Tenipuri Recs, because I haven't really done a recs post of significance since Feb. 25. Many of these are from bunches of different pairings, which I think is a result of lots of fandom newcomers helping themselves to pairings like kids in the candy store. :D

Recs: Collapse )

Have I mentioned that all but two of these fics have been churned out in the last three weeks?? I never thought in the nine months I've been loving Prince of Tennis that I would ever ever say this? but SLOW DOWN FANDOM. I CAN'T KEEP UP WITH YOU. :D :D :D :D


OOOH! Prince of Tennis chat, Saturday 5pm EST! BE THERE OR RYOMA WILL SHAVE YOUR HEAD.
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Okay I just lied. I am in fact posting twice in a row. POSSIBLY SHOULD MOVE TENIPURI SCREENCAP OF LOVE HERE INSTEAD. Because it is tezuryo-ish and can be seen as a very pretty bribe. SO:

Here is your Daily Tenipuri Screencap of Love. Collapse )

Am about to try to write Tezuka/Ryoma fic in earnest. Have not done this since October.

I want a nice Tezuka/Ryoma playlist to inspire me. I would post the playlist I have but VLC is not cooperating with me. It's mostly lots of Tezuka/Ryoma duets and angsty mellow indie music.

But i was just wondering - because i was telling happiestwhen the other night that I really only have one song, "Chocolate" by Snow Patrol (see, musicvid I really really want to make) that screams TezuRyo to me. So. Um. What are your Tezuka/Ryoma songs? Or your other-ship songs? I know you have some. I can't ever hear "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" by the Jayhawks (which I really need an mp3 of, by the way :(!!!!) without thinking of The Golden Pair.

Anyway, don't mind me. Am just bouncy. And I wanted my Tenipuri screencap to have its own post, because it is so much love that it needs room. ROOM TO GLOW.