March 25th, 2006

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Right, am lamest lj-er ever. Soon, I promise, I will make a post that isn't a Prince of Tennis-related post or a music-related post, or a meme.

Just not right at this second.

samenashi: i want a good music meme
bookshop: what kind of good music meme
samenashi: idk
samenashi: i just like uploading things
bookshop: there should be a "tell me what you really want to say to me - through music" meme
altricial: : I LIKE THAT
bookshop: asdkjflk;sdjksdl god, what if it were anonymous



1) Post with your name in a comment.
2) People will respond with music uploads that represent you to them, or which contain messages they want you to hear.
3) All responses must be anonymous.

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I almost forgot today's Screencap of Love in the middle of all the music and desperate scrambling for torrents which do not appear to exist.

Tonight's screencaps however do come straight from the Tenipuri OVA which was released yesterday. Which I haven't seen yet. But I think this, uh. Collapse )

if you need me i'll be pondering the merits of angel!smut. Ahem.

eta: okay, i am looking here, here, and here for torrents. Where else should I be looking? Where? Where? Where? God. I am almost willing to try to brave IRC for this file. It must be out there somewhere. Is there anywhere else I should be looking? Where? Where? wheeeeerrrrre?
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