April 7th, 2006

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Tonight's Screencaps of Love are dedicated to shushesyou, because it is her birthday. Happy birthday, Laura!

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Also: I wasn't going to rec this because I've not been given permission, but I really really can't help myself, and if I don't rec it here, I'm just going to be screaming at people to read it on YM, which is what I just did to Ria, which sucks because YM doesn't like my url links anymore, and until it starts cooperating, I have to resort to reccing things on livejournal the crude old-fashioned way.

Don't let her fool you. soundczech wrote this. Which I'm sure is enough to send most discerning readers scrambling for their clicky buttons, but just in case it isn't: On the bad days he comes home and Kikumaru will hug him, arms warm and awkward across his shoulders. On worse days he'll elbow him slyly in the gut and make lewd jokes about Tezuka's sex life. To be fourteen again. The power. *dangles link in front of you again*
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  • A while back, insaneneko translated this doujinshi, which flyby put up here and has given me permission to rec. I love this doujinshi. It's strictly canon interpretation, which is not something you typically see from doujinshi. But oh. Gosh. It's lovely.

    And one final rec: bringtheballs.

    And this, folks? This is what happens when Harry Potter fans invade fandom: The Prince of Tennis newsletter. At the moment, it appears to be highly subjective and highly flammable - contains massive doses of squee.

    I am over the moon at fandom today. Seriously.

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    He can take my case any time. ♥_♥

    Unrelatedly, sdalkfj;ds holy shit Tezuka is eleven inches taller than Ryoma. I mean. I knew "28 cm" was in fact a whole twenty-eight centimeters, but it never really hit me til just now. oh my goodness, that's tall. Tezuka is tall! )Is it even possible for a fourteen year old to be eleven inches taller than anything? This boggles my mind.) And, of course, it makes me want fic about their height difference. Delicious fic about all the ways Ryoma fits into the nooks and crannies of Tezuka's spaces like no one else can, because he is just that small. 11 inches. Even if Ryoma grows he's still going to be like half a foot shorter than Tezuka. This is delightful. ♥

    Hey, kungfooqueen, speaking of fic, what is our next pillarchallenge prompt going to be? ETA: ksadjfkl;sjfklsjfklsksjfjsfjaklfsdfajslkfhsdfa;slkfa;klflasfasjlkds;f HEIGHT DIFFERENCE.