April 18th, 2006


I am in the strangest mood right now. I am going to rattle off reasons why.

Firstly, I hate Daylight Savings Time. I haven't been on it for ten years (because Bloomington / the state of Indiana refused to use it for decades). And now all of a sudden it is daylight at 9:00 at night and I am discovering it is 10:45 and it feels like it's maybe seven. I HATE THIS. I feel all wonky lately.

My roommate hasn't been seen since last Tuesday. Granted she has probably been seen by people other than me, but my friend Kate and I haven't seen her at all, and apparently she is off in Chicago and Kate and I just spent an hour making jokes about her body being found in the basement laundry room and now I'm all ahhhhhhhhhh and freaked out and nervous.


I dislike pepperoni. I hate when people don't read the special notes on pizza orders and then put pepperoni in things you have specifically said "NO PEPPERONI" on. ugh. Fucking pepperoni.

I have no idea who half the people were on my anon meme, and the other half were all Samantha. My life.

God, I am in the weirdest mood. Proper anon meme this time. All subjects. Everyone's invited. Mean posts will be screened, and that is final.

ETA because people do not listen: This is not a hate meme. You are my guests. You will not come in my parlor and then piss on my floor. Do not bash or insult my fandom or you will be screened.