April 23rd, 2006

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Someone just linked me to this post about Malfoys as racist. I feel like responding. Collapse )

I used to think we had to question JKR's moralistic platitudes and her insistence that the Malfoys were Evil, because she wasn't questioning them herself. Now I think when we question them we're doing just what she hopes we'll do. More power to ataniell93, and all the Slytherin supporters, apologistic or otherwise, for engaging us in the debate, and not stopping where the books seem to say that we should.

That said, I should add the disclaimer that I have always felt that Draco Malfoy is a racist little snot, and that the more we gloss this over as fans, the less we do justice to the most brilliant thing about him and his role in the series: his potential for redemption. ♥


It's 6 am and I should probably sleep more. Bah. I hate Little 5 Weekend so much. World's greatest party weekend, my ass. All day yesterday people stood around on their lawns drinking and throwing balls into those little cardboard holes. Yeah. Some fun.

I read so much good Prince of Tennis fic this weekend, so much of it posted on my journal in drabble form from anonymice, Cim, Laura, Lindra, Ken, Ria, Sophie, and I don't know who else, that, like. I just haven't gotten a chance to respond to the sheer numbers of them all. I've literally never had so much drabbling on my journal in a 2-day period since I started livejournal.

I'm going to rec it all as soon as I can round it all up, but there is a possibility I will forget to review some of it because, oh my god overwhelmed. Let me just say now (though I know it's not a substitute for the feedback you all deserve) how grateful I am. I love this fandom so much. You guys just amaze and overwhelm me every day. And if I accidentally don't review any of the fics written this weekend, please know that I read, and I loved, and I am so glad you guys are sharing this fandom with me. It's incredible. Thank you.
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