August 22nd, 2006

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Things that are good about today:

  • scoradh's most recently posted H/D fic, Interview With the Hero, which, while I had mixed feelings about certain characterizations and felt kind of lost by the end (though that could have been due to reading it at 3am), was a wonderfully filling read that I raced through eagerly.
  • rereading fics by zionsstarfish, lydiabennet, and lovely_slyth, and also reading stalkeriffic!Tezuryo by kishmet for the first time. Oh.
  • Fanart. *points lovingly to icon*
  • the programming list for the annual Bioneers Conference, which has a satellite in my hometown.
  • waking up to find photomanips of Kevin Spacey in a panda suit in my inbox. :X :X :X :X :X
  • the prospect of talking to Erica tomorrow, and planning for Phoenix Rising, and relishing the things about fandom that make us both so happy.
  • Henry Jenkins!
  • reading the reports about Lucy and David's wedding. ♥ :(( Oh Lucy I wish I could have been there.
  • Getting pics from my cousin's white coat ceremony! My grandmother looks so gorgeous. ♥
  • having emails from kara to anticipate!
  • the weather. i hope it's as lovely where you are.

    I've been, uh, making something of a fool of myself this week, which as most of you know isn't unusual, and inadvertently causing myself pain and alienating people I respect, which is even less unusual. I just want to say again that I am so sorry to anyone, friends and non-friends, who may have been hurt by any comments in the anon meme that I did on journalfen this week. And I also want to apologize to anyone who participated in it with full innocence, who had fun and didn't want to see it go. In the long run it was definitely best that it did. But at least we'll always have pandas.

    i hate giving my posts subjects just so they don't wind up being memoried as "span class" something

  • hd_holidays, the H/D gift-sharing fic comm for the holidays. Signup ends tonight! you still have a few more hours.
  • on JF, lol_meme seems to have determinedly taken over the anon meme. This meme was intended originally to be a place of fun and, er, loling. It seems to have gone all-anon-friendly, however, so if you're mourning the meme, hie thee hence. There's also pandaf*ckers on GJ.
  • Rec: Spiced Wine by grunhilda. I haven't gotten to leave a review for this fic yet, but I adore it. TezuRyo, and full of beauty. ♥
  • norton_gale has compiled a most entertaining sample of customer reviews for the Harry Potter books - a summary execution amazon-style, if you will: Part One and Part Two.
  • A few people today were asking me for Tezuka/Ryoma recs, so I am reposting a rec list that I made about two months ago. If you've already seen it, move along. If not, Collapse )

  • In completely unrelated news, I learned today that my local Kinko's does not recycle any of its vast amounts of paper waste. They recycle cardboard but apparently the store made a decision that recycling all that paper was just too much trouble. I think a letter to the editor or a phone call to the manager may be in order. The thought that a company that uses up that much paper would willingly choose not to recycle its paper products, regardless of how inconvenient it is for the employees to have to sift through it, is really dismaying to me. I expressed my dismay to each of the workers I spoke with. They all looked at me like I was kind of odd to be bringing it up. But dude. Store that uses paper all day long? No recycling plan? Are they serious?