June 11th, 2007


You know what word is a fantastic word? Miscellany. That is one fantastic word. no seriously. It sounds great. It looks great. It's a purposeful, practical word. Miscellany. It can be singular or sort-of plural depending on the context. I think. It has an s and a c together in the middle of the word, but it is not Muscular! Or Corpuscle! Actually, corpuscle is another great word, but I digress. THIS POST CONTAINS MISCELLANIES.

♥ Miscellany no. 1: I used to have a poll up in my welcome post. What a great poll. Over the years I have alternated between taking it down and putting it back up again.

Well, I have just put it back up. And boy, it is an awesome poll. You should all go take it. I want to see how the music in our Fandom Cafe has shifted from Indy New Wave Britrock to Cheesy Synthesized Asian Pop. *___*


♥ Miscellany no. 2: The question has been posed about holding a beta exchange for , so I've added in a thread for that here. Sign up for the challenge, and/or sign up to be a beta! Yay!

♥ Miscellany no. 3: The moderators of never actually put out an APB on this. We've had questions, so let me do so now:

  • The Big Bang Challenge website has moved. The new website is here. Please update your links to http://bigbang.inkubation.net if you have not already done so.

  • The Original Big Bang Challenge has *not* been taken offline. We will very shortly update the splash to reflect this, but the original index to each of the 4 (excellent) Big Bang fics can be found here.

  • I'm going to go out on a limb and say that after the dust has settled from HP7, there will most likely be a Big Bang 3. Because Shaggy and Reena and I - we're nutters.

♥ Miscellany no. 4: I really think download communities who exclude membership to people who look like leechers are a load of crock. HELLO, WE'RE ALL LEECHERS, HENCE THE CONCEPT OF "DOWNLOAD" COMMUNITIES.

♥ Miscellany no. 5:Collapse )

♥ Miscellany no. 6: I LIKE PIE.