June 15th, 2007

Hikago fandom - a 5-minute primer.

i was recently told that I made some sort of Hikaru no Go fic primer for those of you who were just getting into the fandom and wanting to know where to go for fic.

I vaguely remember this post, but I just searched through five months worth of posts (why so much Yamapi spam, Aja, why?) and I couldn't find it, so I figured it was as good an excuse as any to make a new post, properly tagged and sourced this time. Especially since, for some reason that I suspect has to do with Dorrie, I've been repeating the following information a lot over the last 4 days.


Where to go:
  • My fic recs in my memories, because they are the best :>
  • toko's Frankenpost, which basically hits the high points and covers all aspects of the fandom
  • svz_insanity's memories because she has tons of fics
  • best_of_hikago - sadly no longer updated, but if you need to read ravenously without a terribly high quality filter, it is the place to go. i love that journal, i wish it were still active. :(
  • issen4 - she recs more frequently than anybody else in the fandom. Not always as vetted for quality as toko's recs, but very reliable.
  • blind_go - the archives will have a ton of stuff of variable quality.

    Must-read authors:
    thehoyden (EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING by her)
    arboretum (EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING by her, especially "A Resolution of Territory," which I BETA'D :D :D :D :D :D and which is hands-down the best fic in the fandom, and did I mention read everything by Eddy cause she's amazing? okay. <3)
    mousapelli's Akira/Hikaru - and of course mirabellawotr's
    murinae for gen fic and harukami and flonnebonne for humor - especially harukami's truth or dare fic adsklf, and murinae's fantastic fucking hikago AU. and i normally hate AU but oh my god this one is thrilling. Oh, and I really think the God of Go drabble Flonne wrote for my prompt the other day is an instant classic.

    That's pretty much it. Oh, and:

  • the Hikago tag on delicious. Which you should all be contributing to, because this fandom always, always needs more love/fic/etc.

    All of my Hikaru no Go fic is in my memories.

    Oh, and if you're just starting out, let me issue my habitual PSA, and remind you to read the manga. all of it. :D
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    why the end of Hikago is necessary. And also, sublime.

    I have seriously been talking about Hikago non-stop for like 5 days. Is there something in the air, people?

    missitar and harumi and I have been discussing the ups and downs of blind_go. I will put my rambling about challenge format and ideal challenge lengths behind the cut to spare the rest of you.Collapse )

    which brings me to the idea of creating a Big Bang-like comm for Hikago. Positives: it would require people to actually deal with the end of the manga, which, as dorrie6 just posted about, leaves much to be dealt with. Plus, it would get people writing again, and not just waiting around for Blind Go number 4.

    I actually think doing a Big Bang-type thing for Akira/Hikaru would be a *great* idea, because there is so much to work with based on the direct end of the series (manga canon) that fandom hasn't yet explored). Now that i've had the idea, i'm seriously thinking about it.

    However, a novella-length challenge it would require people to work on one fic for at least 6 months, and that might just make fandom stall *even further*. I think if anything Hikago fandom needs to focus more on being spontaneous. I feel like sometimes we kind of lumber along without really going anywhere, haha. And as much time as fandom has had, I still feel like none of us (self included) have ever really delved deeply into the mythical aspects and the ongoing character development concerns the manga leaves us with.

    Which brings me to the end of the manga. Which I am now going to talk about excessively, in response to Dorrie's post.

    Dorrie basically felt (probably because I always build the end of the manga up so much) that the end was a let-down. She felt that it moved away from the focal point of the series up to then, which had been Akira and Hikaru's intense rivalry.

    Personally, I don't think that the Akira/Hikaru is diminished in any way by the final arc. In fact, for me the pivotal Akira/Hikaru scene is actually the final scene in the manga.

    I'm not objective about this, at all.Collapse )