January 24th, 2008

P.S. Jemima J, I love your 27 Prada dresses

I have seen too many movies lately.

- I went to see Enchanted the other night. It's the second time. I'll probably see it again. It's the dancing in Central Park, okay. Shut up. We've had this hilariously loud audience both times I've gone. This time around, at the part where the divorced couple is going "do we trade all of the good times for a few bad moments?" this woman in the audience whispered loudly, "Yeah, we do," and everyone heard her and slowly the whole audience just started to laugh nervously and awkwardly. It was awesome.

Oh, and I went to see Cloverfield, and right as the movie started, this really tall guy got up and started to amble in a leisurely way down across the bottom of the stadium seating, and his redneck friend yelled really loudly, "Hurry the fuck up!" and Tall Leisurely Rural Gentleman just, like, kept ambling along, and then he yelled back across the packed audience, "I am hurrying!" And then he waited a few seconds and yelled: "Shit!" I was like dying. No one else was laughing. Life.

(Cloverfield seriously was disturbing to me, not because it was scary, though it was really well-done, but because to me it will never not be too soon to make a movie that blatantly exploits 9/11, but I digress.)

Lately everywhere I go everyone is funny. There's a guy I work with, and I swear every time I walk into a room, he'll be in the middle of ending a conversation with things like "so crack mothers just need to find ways to sell their children for cash," or "well, no one wants to liquidate assets because it means they're nearing death."

Last night I went to a game night and this corporate dude from out of town showed up wearing this gigantic gray and brown plaid flannel shirt, it was the ugliest thing i've ever seen. We were playing these obscure german board games and I was just staring at this man's shirt, and he was like "hey, i'm dressing casual, is this casual enough?"

Tonight the chick at the drive through said to me, "Hey, I'm sorry for the wait. The guy in front of you was..." and then she gave the car driving away a dubious look, and ended, "...interesting." She offered no other explanation. Life is suddenly hilarious all the time.

Now for a rant.

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(That said, oh my god I love Devil Wears Prada fandom. You guys, seriously, if you haven't read every Miranda/Andy fic there is, you are missing the fuck. out. I'm just saying. Femslash has never looked so good. And I really really don't mean the fashion. Okay. I sort of mean the fashion. Argh.)