March 15th, 2008


kishmet: augh you're so smart. how are you also so insane
bookshop: you wouldn't be asking me this if i were someone else like, idk. anne rice or dumbledore. you'd just take it for granted that my genius and my insanity go hand in hand.
kishmet: laughing so hard

bookshop: well, anne rice is pretty insane.
kishmet: yes she is, but i would contest any claim of her 'genius'
bookshop: hey, i'm not vying for 'genius ala einstein' status here. i'm talking about, like. 'la la la i knit socks and fight evil rather incompetently while falling in love with my best friend and archnemesis in the process' status. dumbledore and L have a lot in common. huh.
bookshop: you and L and dumbledore should form a club Collapse )
kishmet: you could be an hero
bookshop: i would be an excellent tragic hero, i already make a most excellent martyr to a cause.
bookshop: pardon me, i must wipe my long-suffering brow.
kishmet: oh yes, hmmm
kishmet: you know what would've been AWESOME
kishmet: if you'd caught fire when you were burning the shirt *___*
bookshop: sdja;lsdj;kljas;k

....and somehow from there we got into a discussion of a good omens/tenipuri crossover, and kish is insisting on saying the most horrible things like "well i was thinking aziraphale and crowley and tezuka and fuji should double date." D:

bookshop: SEE
bookshop: NO
kishmet: AZIRAPHALE WOULD CONSOLE TEZUKA: "Now I know it seems difficult now, but once you've been with him for another few centuries, you'll get used to it." AND THEN CROWLEY WOULD GROPE HIM UNDER THE TABLE AND HE'D FORGET WHAT HE WAS SAYING.
bookshop: SEE and while this is a very charming idea in theory, in actuality, ryoma and yuuta would have stalked them to the restaurant and they'd both be surreptitiously sitting a short distance away hiding behind their menus and scowling and ryoma would be shooting perfectly-aimed tennis balls at fuji's head
kishmet: methinks thou art somewhat biased.
bookshop: that's what you think.
kishmet: ....uh
bookshop: just wait til he gives the tennis racket back to taka.
kishmet: oh aja.

I maintain that it's not bias if your ship is canonically approved. :D *ducks things*