April 27th, 2008

Brother and Sister? No, indeed.

So finally yesterday on my 'favorite character' meme someone guessed the last on my list. 15. Jane Austen.

The answer? Mr. Knightley!!! which was guessed by crown_celestial. And in talking about this I went way over the "write a sentence" threshhold so. New post about Jane Austen and fandom pairings, yay! :D :D :D :D

Mr. Knightley is my favorite Austen hero. He is my favorite favorite favorite favorite oh my god talking about Emma/Knightley makes me so happy. Dude, he waits for Emma for years. He believes in the person he knows she is deep inside, and his faith in her leads her to blunder her way into adulthood while maintaining a modicum of grace. Mr. Knightley is sort of my lifelong romantic fantasy - someone who can yell at me when I need it and set me right and love me for my flaws and quirks and believe in me and my potential despite every one of them.

Could this remotely sound like Akira waiting for Hikaru and believing in the person (okay, two people) he knows he is deep inside? :D Or, oh, I don't know, like TEZUKA? *__*

A lot of my truly epic, most-loved romantic ships spring directly from the Darcy/Elizabeth dynamic, where two characters grow and have to overcome fundamental prejudices in order to gain maturity together (like Harry/Draco, of course). But most of them tend to be rooted directly in the Emma/Knightley dynamic: where one character acts as an anchor and a maturing force for the other, who's sort of over here, running around, wildly trying to plant their feet firmly on the ground and become the person they're meant to be - and the other character's unshakable, unwavering faith in them is ultimately the key to helping them accomplish this. Oh my god, that just seriously transforms my heart into pulp. "I cannot make speeches, Emma."Collapse )