May 5th, 2008

∞ we're on the verge of all things new:


Top 5 Things You Should Be Doing Today:

1) Reading arboretum's May 5 Pimp Post
2) Reading the Hikago manga.*
3) Watching the Hikago anime.
4) Reading all of the amazing fics posted today over at blind_go!!!!!!!!!!! **
5) Participating in this redux of my favorite post of all time, ever. Posting by request***.


How to play:
- comment here, and I and/or other people will ask you for one of your top-5 Hikago related things! Like, it could be 'top 5 favorite fics,' top 5 favorite characters, top 5 favorite sexually-suggestive go positions, AND SO FORTH. anything/everything you guys can think of!

Ready? LET'S FIVE!

* you too can become a hikago fan! ask me how! lol or just read eddy's post

** regarding blind_go, i didn't get to submit much. lack of wireless connection at hotel interfered irrefutably.

*** because of same, i won't be able to really participate in this meme until friday but i could NEVER miss hikago day, you guys, and have i mentioned again that this is my favorite post ever? ever ever? so PLAY AND HAVE FUN AND I WILL SQUEE WITH YOU ALL WHEN I AM BACK NEXT WEEK. ♥