June 5th, 2008

they should call it YAYkuza!


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last night I left the most amazing prompts for moonythestrals on her prompt request post, and now i'm completely pining because i really want someone to write all of them. here are my amazing prompts, and also, i threw in more than i posted for moony because i have more fandoms than is possibly fair to bombard one person with at once.

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i feel that the very existence of some of these prompts is enough to make you all fall to your knees and beg for the opportunity to write fic for me. oh yes. otherwise, you can tell me how much my prompts don't interest you in the slightest, and i will laugh at you cruelly! cruelly i say! seriously, i have given you an excuse to write Dean/Crowley, what more do you want from me.