June 30th, 2008

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  • oh my god i am in utter fandom withdrawal. i've gone without internet access plenty of times, but i think this is the longest i've ever gone without accessing the internet - aka, without finding a place somewhere and fandoming away. This updating LJ on the sly from work is not cutting it. It's like I'm sending my fandomy thoughts out into a void and getting nothing back. D:

    I MISS FANFIC SO MUCH. oh my god. yesterday i just stared at all the e-books i have downloaded for emergencies such as this and kept opening and closing them in irritation, because i'm sorry, when all you want is to read fanfic where john and rodney get almost killed by things and then hook up, nothing else will do. I MISS FANFIC. AHHHH.

  • which brings me to fucking SGA.

    All I've done for the past week is watch SGA. I have all these meta-y thoughts on SGA and nothing to do with them, and I know none of you care, but I have been sitting on these things all weekend, so DEAL.

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  • At some point in the last three months I must have used the word "puddlejumper" around my mom. I have no idea why or when but now she's using it. She's like "make sure you book me on a flight out of a hub, I don't want to be flying on a little puddlejumper!" I'm like, what. How do you know that word. She's like "that's what you call them!" I'm like, "...REALLY?" God, even when I'm not in fandoms they take over my life.

  • This morning on the ferry I saw REAL LIVE JELLYFISH. They were swimming around and everything in the river! I've never seen jellyfish like, in the wild! I did not know jellyfish could live in fresh water! Although I think they were flushed inland by the gale force winds I think we had this weekend, it was still pretty amazing.

  • This reminds me, I need to figure out the secret to throwing a killer hurricane party.

  • But mostly, I need internet. Ugh. The reason I don't have internet yet, for anyone who cares, is because I had to reschedule with the cable company five times to set it up. I'm not joking. They just kept not showing up. By the fifth time I was like, no, I think I'm just going to ask for my money back. But because the telecomm industry sucks, that's literally the only major provider in this area, so I'm having to scour the wilds of coastal Virginia to find alternate providers. Ugh. I JUST WANT PORN AND FREE TV.

  • I appear to be going to an acting class tonight. I have not been to an acting class since I was 15. Ahaha, I kind of can't wait. :D