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let's get the seven lines.
20 September 2008 @ 01:04 pm
Happy Birthday, Hikaru!!!! <3333 And whee, it's day!

I've signed up for BG, uh.... 5 times? In five signups, I've written ONE fic, a scrawny ficlet that was like 1200 words at best. I've started, flailed over, and failed to finish four other fics, including the one from this round which I will absolutely finish.

(Zoe: so it's another epic hikago fic that will never be finished)

Here, in honor of all the fics that actually got posted, is my BG WIP dump. :)

  • Epic BG Fic #1: Started for BG Round 2, August 2006:
    This is the one I want to finish most, but over time I've let go of it, I think. I'm still proud of what's here, though.
    Untitled, set immediately post-manga. 4,500 words.Collapse )

  • Epic BG Fic #2: started for BG Round 3, Spring 2007.
    Everyone hates this fic but me, although I don't blame them. :D Sorry, toko!
    t.o.w. Jared Stoner. 5,600 words.Collapse )

    Aaaand I'm running up against the character limit, so let's make it 2 posts and 4 fics. Next up, the 2 fics I didn't write for BG 5 and BG 6! ♥ yay, Blind Go! Yay Hikago!!! Yay fic! Yay!

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let's get the seven lines.
20 September 2008 @ 02:22 pm
(Explanation here.)

  • Epic BG Fic #3: started for BG Round 5, May 2008.
    In my head this fic is called 'Ashiwara and the Adult Lifestyle,' and there's this whole series of farcical interactions and also sex, and I really wanted to finish it for the smut round, but, lol, I don't think I can tear myself away from Akira and Hikaru for that long. :(Saeki/Ashiwara, 1300 words.Collapse )

  • Aaand finally, Epic BG Fic #4: started for BG Round 6.
    This is being posted unbeta'd, but, uh, with blessing. I'm only posting the first 3,000 words or so, because, hello, unfinished - but mostly because I want to see how quickly readers pick up the conceit - or if they do at all???

    The Physics of Overengineering (a snip, and i totally will finish this!).Collapse )

    :D! Thank you for reading!

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