April 30th, 2009

books books books!

Here's a bunch of random thoughts.

  • what started as a simple shameless quest to win an ARC of The Demon's Lexicon (in which I have failed at every turn) has led to a habitual obsession with entering book contests everywhere! I have yet to win a free book but I am really enjoying the fact that for the first time in years I am venturing forth off LJ into the wilds of the internet.

  • one such contest is here - YA Reads' Readers' Choice Awards for February. The rules are simple: you vote in the 4 simple categories, and you comment on the rules thread with your information, and the following nominations for next month: Best Book Blogger, Book blog you'd like to see nominated for next month, and the Best (YA) Book released in March '09.

    I am mentioning this contest for 3 reasons, and they are:
    1) mentioning the book on your blog gets you a third entry into the contest. HUZZAH.
    2) anywherebeyond, aka Saundra Mitchell, is up for nomination for her book Shadowed Summer, which is lovely as I have said before, and I would like it to win.
    3) I really really really want to nominate The Forest of Hands and Teeth by carrieryan for March, because it is my favorite of the March debuts I've read so far.

    To vote you have to register, but shut up, it's the most adorable forum EVER. They have YA BOOK THEME HEADERS. I almost went with the Jace theme, (see, angst and issues almost buried, I am getting steadily closer!), but settled on the Wicked Lovely theme because it IS lovely. But I also love the default theme and the cherry tree theme! but i digress. Register and go vote for Shadowed Summer! Or for your favorite. I really need to read Evermore. I almost bought it the other day and now I can't remember why I didn't.

    And then, post-vote, please do nominate Forest of Hands and Teeth for March! ZOMBIEEEES. Seriously, I love this book.

  • I have stumbled upon a number of blogs that focus on book cover design, and they are amazing. And they're full of design ideas, publishing insights, and artist links, it's basically the best thing ever. My two favorites: The Book Design Review and Caustic Cover Critic (LOVE). But there's also this, which - I don't even know what this is exactly, and it's all in French, but it's awesome and it makes me happy.

  • what are your favorite songs to dance to? YOUTUBE LINKS, I WANT THEM. I want to add them to my "I don't feel like dancin'" playlist, which is currently the only thing keeping me from going postal at work.

  • DREAMWIDTH GOES TO OPEN BETA TONIGHT AT 9:00 PM EDT. Details here. Permanent accounts and paid accounts also go on sale then. I am here at bookshop. There's a lot about DW I'm uncertain and confused and boggled and overwhelmed by, but on the whole, I'm really excited. I think this is a fantastic thing and I hope good things come from this for fandom.

  • New Hampshire becomes the 5th state to legalize gay marriage. And at least 2 other states have legalization initiatives coming up for a vote soon. This is actually happening, it's so amazing, just. Wow.

  • I have a new(ish) layout. Huzzah!