May 4th, 2009

whatever yes this totally counts as an actual book review

This post is mostly just to say that I read The Summoning & The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong over the weekend, back to back, and I loved them so much omg.

I know that I'm like the last person on earth to read these (I still haven't even read Wicked Lovely, it takes me some time to ease in to things), but whatever I loved them SO MUCH. Can I just say that again: SO. FREAKING. MUCH. ahaha. And, you know, I don't typically cotton to Urban Fantasy - it's pretty much miss-or-almost-hit with me, so I don't know if this was a fluke or a sign that I've read enough in the genre that things that haven't worked for me in the past are starting to click in ways they didn't before. WHATEVER. WHO CARES. I LOVED IT.

I loved Chloe. Loved her. I loved the first book's setting - because the special group home to which Chloe Saunders gets exiled felt very much, to me, someone who spent 3 of the last 4 years transcribing treatment reports from these places, like a halfway-realistic and well-researched depiction of what actual group homes are like, give or take some details here and there, which are easy to overlook considering this is ... (ahaha I love that I get to say this) NO ORDINARY MENTAL INSTITUTION.

I LOVED DEREK. OMG I LOVED HIM SO MUCH HE IS THE BEST. and simon i love you too, you are fantastic, but there is just no contest between you and your dark surly sulky i-school-mr.-darcy-on-giving-stellar-first-impressions foster brother, okay. OKAY. CHLOE AND DEREK NEED TO GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER NOW, I AM JUST SAYING.

I loved Tori. I loved her brattiness, god, and she was the hottest (spoiler) ever, seriously, and she TOTALLY WANTS CHLOE OKAY, and I TOTALLY HAD RAE PEGGED, omg where is the fandom for these books. I LOOKED IN YULETIDE AND THERE WAS NOTHING, and i was like "is this because there is a giant fandom somewhere out there, or because there is NOTHING, or because there is a fandom but it is all on," and kasjkld.

okay i'm shutting up now but i loved these books. LOVED. CAN WE HAVE THE THIRD ONE NOW. omg and Aunt Lauren! Ahhhhh. Omg Derek you are so tall and burly and mr. rochester-y and i don't even like mr. rochester but i adore you, IF I WERE FIFTEEN AND THERE WERE A FANDOM FOR THESE BOOKS, AND THERE WERE DEREK-SIMON SHIP WARS, I WOULD MAKE A T-SHIRT AND IT WOULD SAY "DEREK" ON IT. ^_^ OR MAYBE ONE THAT JUST SAID "TORI." BECAUSE OMG TORI PWNS ALL. BRATTY SNOB LOVE FOREVER <3.