May 11th, 2009

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In response to the recent round of racefail discussions I would just like to add my voice to say that trying to effectively engage with the problem of writing disenfranchised groups by erasing them altogether from your creative works is not healthy, it is not wise, and it is crippling to the members of the group in question.

I emphatically reject the idea that deliberately erasing First Nations from history, as Patricia Wrede has done in The Thirteenth Child, is a safe or acceptable way of dealing with the issue. That is not ever okay, and we should never ever be asked to accept that it is, or that we are judging something harshly from the outset instead of withholding judgments until we've considered the entire work. If the harm has been done at the outset, then harm has been done, period.

I am not attempting to make this discussion about me, but I would like to apologize in tangent with the issue raised above, because I have been guilty of this as well - not of deliberate erasure, but of writing selectively, of only writing about predominently white, cisgendered European-Americans. I am immeasurably sorry for having predominantly avoided writing characters of disenfranchised identities. I apologize both for my failing, and for the fact that it has taken a discussion as painful as Racefail to bring me to a place where I can clearly understand and acknowledge it for what it is. I can and will do better than this.

In response to the recent discussion concerning conversation threads on rahmbamarama, the moderators have made a response on the community to our members, but if anyone has any ongoing issues or concerns I would just like to ask that they PM or email me at any time.

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