May 21st, 2009

this post brought to you from the depths of my inability to stop looping Adam singing 'Ring of Fire'

So it turns out that I had already ordered Sarah Cross's Dull Boy from my ♥local independent bookseller♥ before Maya made her post asking us to take pictures of our copies.

And, well, SRB giving me an excuse to do one of the things I love to do, ie take dorky pictures and embarrass myself on the internet? Where do I sign up!

Picked up my copy yesterday evening, and decided to take Dull Boy along the dullest (not) route known to man: the evening commute from work.

This is Avery (the hero of Dull Boy) outside Prince Books. I would have gone back inside, but I'm already starting to learn the clerk's names because I stalk them so much.

Hilariously, when I went to order my copy of Dull Boy, I wound up trying to convince them to order more advance copies of Demon's Lexicon, and somewhere during the conversation they handed me a job application. Figures. I try for years to get a job working at a bookstore and now when I have a full-time job the bookstore comes to me. fjksd;jf.

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And now I'm off to lunch to read - what else? ;)

Get your copy from your own local indie. We can co-squee!