July 24th, 2009

We are commanded to spy upon the Wind.

Fandom breakdown

There's been so much fandom turnover with me lately that I am making this post for my sanity. If you're new here, or just coming back after a long time, here's the breakdown.

The only fandom I consider myself to be currently active in on an ongoing basis is Hikaru no Go. For all other fandoms, the icon will link to that fandom's tag, if one exists. Icon credits are asteriked to the right of the icon.

Current fandom:

Recurring and ongoing fandoms (click icon for tags):
harry/dracohikaru no gojane austengay serial killers / strangers on a train bones bump of chicken

Recent fandoms of interest:
* the dresden files
* political rpf (but mostly rahm emanuel)
* die hard
* merlin
* American Idol: S7 & S8
* devil wears prada

Past fandoms:
* Good Omens
* Gilmore Girls
* Nobuta wo Produce
* J-Pop
* Prince of Tennis
* Death Note
* House
* Stargate: Atlantis
* Hot Fuzz

Favorite vintage fandoms:
....and basically every single movie mentioned in this post)


okay, so! welcome to everybody who is new, best wishes to everyone who's come and gone recently, and if you want updates on anything specific, just ask! ♥