August 26th, 2009

Bones! (why do i have NCIS icons and no Bones icons, i don't even watch that show anymore sdjk;f)

Here is some Bones meta for twig_tea, because she is awesome and her comments have been making my days frequently lately <3333 and because it has been way too long since we geekily traded meta & squee all over the comments of my last Bones post. i recently re-watched Bones, Seasons 1-3, and I really want to re-watch all of S4 before the season starts but it's doubtful I'll have time (anybody know when the first ep airs?). Anyway, S2 is generally my favorite, but watching all seasons together, I was surprised by a) how much better S1 hangs together than it did in my memory; b) how quickly Sweets comes to feel like one of the squints in S3. (Also at some point they have to come back to that scene where Sweets is all "omg so you read my book and agree that bones and booth are totally hot for each other right?" and Stephen Fry is all "lol i read your book and agree that someone is hot for someone, yes indeed." asdjkaklja;f oh sweets, your repression is showing *__*).

But this post is about S2, because it is my favorite, and because, especially near the end of the season, if you're watching it retrospectively, it becomes pretty clear what they have in mind for Zack. Also, I think S2 is kind of brilliant. oh, stupid show that is occasionally smart, ilu. :(

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