November 5th, 2009

º but it don't believe in me.

Things I want, today, Nov. 5, 2009:

1. for books 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10 of the Jeeves & Wooster series to magically fall in my lap. *cries*

2. gay serial killer fic. Franzi said that I should ask you all for it, but really what I would most like is for you all to go watch Strangers on a Train (Instant watch on Netflix!) and then report back to me with squee & slash and very smart thoughts on whether the homoerotica is the driving sinister force of the film, or whether the homoerotica is a necessary outlet and reaction against the *real* driving sinister force of the film, aka restrictive heterosocial repression, etc. etc.

3. for something nice to happen.

4. for you all to........... set something on fire and think of me today? It's GUY FAWKES DAY, COME ON.

5. to know that as far as the balance of this past year is concerned, I've come out ahead and not behind.

Today is my birthday. Please, if you have a moment & you feel like it, please tell me something encouraging. It would mean a lot.


Hey, you know what? Some of you were asking about this: Bump of Chicken - R.I.P. This is a leak of their first new single in 2 years, and it's so quintessentially them that I could cry. Thank you ten million times over to zanai who was lovely and thoughtful enough to give me a link. <3
¡ infestation.

Love is why (we tell the story). Yuletide 2009

yuletide signups are now open through Thursday the 12th. If you haven't signed up, I strongly encourage you to do so. Yuletide has become the gift that I give to myself every year, as much as to other people. I love it so much.

This is my "Dear Santa" letter. It's also a healthy dose of fandom pimping & introspection. I beg my flist to indulge me a little.

I nominated 6 fandoms for Yuletide (that list w/some notes on each fandom is here), and then promptly fell in love with a 7th Yuletide fandom just after nominations closed.

Narrowing down the list this year is extremely hard for me. Yuletide in the past, for me, has mostly been about my experience as a writer. (In fact if you skim my yuletide tag from years past you can kind of see me transform from this, like, casually snooty outsider (who defaulted her first year and then felt so guilty she has pinch-hit every year since to atone for it) into this over-eager fangirl who comments on every single admin post and spends hours making geeky spreadsheets of the requested fandoms. And flow charts. I've loved all the fics I've gotten, but I've done the challenge because of the amazing freedom I feel every year as a writer, and the fact that I always learn a new fandom in the process of pinch-hitting and going out on a limb and offering rare fandoms I'm not too familiar with.

This is my 5th year participating in Yuletide. I was thinking about what I'd like my nominations/requests to be about this year, and realized that more than anything I just want my gift-writer to have fun & stretch your limits a little, and feel like you've grown from the experience of writing the challenge, because that's how I always feel.

I think I want my fandoms this year to feel very fluid. I want you, dear Santa, to feel that you could easily move from one of these request to another without losing much enjoyment, because ultimately it's all about what you bring to the story, and the canon doesn't matter so much. There's no order of preference - I honestly will be thrilled to receive any of these. What I want most of all is for you to have fun and maybe experience something new. :D

So, with that in mind, these next posts are going to have tons of fandom promotional stuff, for everyone, and for you, dearest Santa, if you're thinking about checking out any of the other fandoms on my list.

Yuletide 2009

Fandom 1: REQUIEMS

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Fandom 2: Once On This Island
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For non-Santa readers, if you only check out one thing in this entire post, please take the Robert Shaw recordings, and of the Schnittke Requiem, which is a) my most beloved of all Requiems, and b) such a rarely performed work that until the 2000s, only one professional recording of it even existed. If you only check out two, watch Charles Dutoit conducting the Durufle, because it is, just, wow. Breathtaking. <3

I am tired, going to bed, will do the other 2 fandoms when i decide what they are later on this week. <3