February 8th, 2010

willow - where we wept together

The Climb (cover)

(apologies to anyone tracking this journal--this is the last attempt to post this, I promise!)

Sam asked me to record this song like a year ago, and then asked me again Friday, so yesterday I did. A couple of people requested that I share, so here you go.

This is the first time I've done one of these with music (\o/). I'm pretty happy about this, because I haven't really successfully been able to play anything by ear since I was about 6 years old. The moment I started learning to read music, I lost the ability, which is something I've regretted my entire life. But since I got my keyboard (her name is Maayha, an anagram of Yamaha, I'm so clever!) I have been trying to play by ear more so I can rediscover the knack (only, like, now i know basic music theory, haha, so it's blessedly easier than I expected). And even though this is just I-IV-vi-IV-V-I ad nauseum, the fact that I actually played it all the way through without falling apart or messing up too much is amazing to me, lol you guys don't even know.

Anyway. Agh my singing is so rusty, why am I not singing regularly, what is wrong with me, why am i throwing away my best talent? ALWAYS GONNA BE ANOTHER MOUNTAIN, SELF!!!!

(that white space is supposed to be an embedded object tag. looks like it's not showing up for everybody, so here is the download link if anyone wants it!)