February 9th, 2010


Last month I said that I'd give anyone who correctly guessed the fic I wrote for H/D holidays a reward: they could pick between a drabble of any fandom of their choice, or ask me 5 questions about any of my fics.

Then the guessing started and everything got messy because all the people who guessed correctly were like "but i don't want to officially guess" and some of them I don't know so I couldn't be like "no it's okay!" and some of them guessed but already had hints so it didn't really count, and basically the whole thing was a wash and I am having trouble enforcing this reward system.

So let's just say, for my own personal edification, that this is a QUERY OR FIC post for all comers:

you can either ask me 5 questions about any of my fics, or prompt me for 100 words in the fandom/pairing of your choice.

(if i don't know the fandom i'll look at you funny, but feel free to try me anyway.)