February 23rd, 2010


hello, livejournal!

1. Last night i dreamed:
- that i was back in high school
- that Hugh Laurie was my... all-purpose cool high school english/film/creative writing/homeroom teacher
- that Coach Eric Taylor was my coach and science prof
- that on an academic trip we met Lady GaGa on the road when her tour bus broke down, so we gave her a ride into the city.
- and she sat beside me.

so naturally, I asked her about the Taylor Swift thing. She was like, "what Taylor Swift thing?" and when i explained, she was like, eh, well, i hate her music, but live and let live. Yes, that's right. Dream!Lady GaGa was unimpressed with attempts to pit her against darling Taylor. This made me happy.

She was also unimpressed with my asking her if all that headgear was ridiculously heavy, but on the whole, I feel Dream!Gaga and I developed a real bond.

2. the world is a wonderful place.

3. i have sort-of tentatively decided to get a roommate. does anyone want to be my roommate? previous flatmates vegansonja and galen75 can attest, i'm sane and do not have fleas.

4. i saw shutter island this weekend and now i'm shipping leo/marty.

SO CUTE. seriously, cimness pointed out that the artist/muse ship is the oldest one in the books, and they're kind of inspiring. idk, shutter island was so unexpectedly gorgeous, and that traveling shot holy god, and all the references and and. okay. look. Leo calls it "working with Mozart." Marty says, “There’s no doubt that working with Leo—he’s been an inspiration for me.” Together, they explore characters and unearth the heart of their films! They've grown into a team! It's all very PILLAR OF SUPPORT. shut up it so is.

mainly, something about seeing this film made the film geek in me ridiculously happy, and now i want to go back and rewatch every Scorsese film ever. maybe buy the collected works of roger ebert.... take a film class... buy a video camera.... shut up, it's never too late to dream.

5. this week I've been reading the collected works of beatonna. I know, I know, years late to the party, but still. this and this are so endlessly hilarious to me. KIERKEGAARD. and then there are the sad times of Jules Verne. how is she so hilarious.

6. hi, i'm Aja. i like movies. and gay serial killers. and dorky things. and singing. and also fanart and vintage movies and hitchcock and talented people. what do you like! i think we should be FRIENDS!