March 8th, 2010

korete destiny.

This post was just an excuse to type the word 'queue' a bunch of times. Queue. Queue! Queue.

The Dead-Tossed Waves comes out tomorrow and i am so ridiculously excited. There are 18 million books ahead of it in my crazy invisible queue, but if your book has a zombie baby, you can jump line, okay. Currently, the immediate priority list looks like:

After that I am going for more Stout, more Wodehouse, more Heyer, and too many more random YA novels to talk about.

I also currently have a movie queue. I've talked before about how one of my goals is to try to see as many movies as I can from the Sight & Sound Top 10 list (the full list) before they redo it again in 2012. Well, I'm way behind in my goal, but I've never approached it with any dedication before.

Since I am strange and obsessed, I made a spreadsheet of my progress.

20%! booyah. That's way further than I was when I last took inventory about 2 years ago.

Onwards, upwards.
º wearing paper hat ships.

if the ship i sing doesn't also bring

Yesterday, I read cesperanza's amazing "Sheppard's Law," which I had been putting off for some unknown and ungodly reason. If you haven't read it and you're at all a fan of SGA (or even if you aren't), you absolutely shouldn't miss it, because it's long and fantastic and amazingly plotted and heartwrenching and awesome. Afterwards, I wrote a story tag which you can read here if you want - but it's very much connected to the fic so you definitely want to read the fic first.

(Mostly I am only posting about this because I think 'To Say Nothing of the Dogtag' is the greatest title ever. Everrrrr. copinggoggles will agree with me.)

Tonight I took a plunge I've been thinking about for many years, and bought a tablet!!!!!! A Wacom Bamboo, nothing fancy. I am not an artist by any means, I am buying it solely to mess around with and maybe remember how to draw at roughly the level I was at in 7th grade, lol--because I ..haven't really drawn at all since then.

Anyway, I did something messy and artistic with my tablet and Artpad Collapse )

It is not much but I am happy :D

Ask me a question and I will answer you with sloppy tablet handwriting! :D