March 28th, 2010

Beautiful Creatures (In which I think too much and ramble about Southern culture.)

This is not remotely a coherent review so much as a jumbled-up collection of thoughts.

I know everyone loves the Hush, Hush cover best, but imo this was the best YA cover of 2009.

I read Beautiful Creatures really slowly, over about 2 and a half weeks, because it's long and I have much less time for reading than I used to. Initially I absolutely loved it, and then, as always because I seem to be stuck in this role of instigator that makes it sometimes really hard for me to turn off my inner critic, I started questioning things, and I'm not sure how well the story bore up. I haven't read any other detailed reviews of B.C. so I'm not sure whether what twigged with me twigged with anybody else. But I do want to say that I *really, really loved* the experience of reading it. It's so rare that a book of any genre sustains and keeps me enthralled at that level for that long. I'm just not sure if it held up in the end. I *think* it did. Pretty sure it did, because I definitely plan on buying the sequel. But I have all kinds of thinky thoughts inside the cut, and some of them get a little critical - as I am wont to do with all things, for better or for worse.

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who else has read this book?! Can we talkkkkkkkk about it omg