October 27th, 2010


i still can't write but that's okay. (nws.)

Arthur fucking loves it when Eames gets all alpha and territorial like this, hands on him like Arthur's just a rag doll he can fling any way he wants.

Arthur loves feeling this, loves, loves, loves getting stretched open and fucked into oblivion until there's nothing but the thick slide of Eames' cock inside him and the noises they make as they fuck. Arthur likes to put his head down against the pillow and go almost limp so Eames takes most of his weight. Eames usually grips him too hard when he gets really into it, and Arthur invariably has bruises over his hipbones. But he fucking loves that too. He likes to close his eyes and just let words tumble out of his mouth: "Yeah, fuck, yeah, fuck me, yeah, baby, god, so good."

They're just words, and Arthur has never put much stock into them before, but since he started sleeping with Eames, he's had to be careful, because a single dropped "baby" can put a crazy wrecked sound in Eames' voice when he comes. That would make Arthur freeze all over most moments. but when Eames is fucking him open and raw like this, Arthur just wants to hear it again and again. He likes the way Eames shakes when Arthur makes noise, like Arthur is unwinding him more and more with every increase in volume. He likes the way Eames moans Arthur's name when he gets close to coming.

"God, Arthur," Eames says, hoarse. "God, darling, Arthur--"

Arthur's shoulders go lax and his voice goes low. "Don't you dare stop fucking me."

Eames doesn't.

hello it is time for ANOTHER fluff meme of epic proportions!

I said I was going to wait til next week to do this, because it's my birthday next week :D - but it turns out I can't actually wait another day for this meme, I am like, twitching eagerly in anticipation. I love this fandom. I love the people, I love the fics, I love the energy, I love the meta, I love the totally open canon that lets us write whatever we want, I love the lack of pairing wars and general lack of wank, period, I love the angst, the mindfucks, the genderswaps, the crazy AUs, the epicness, the fluff, the smut, the warmth and eagerness people still feel even though this fandom is moving through its evolutionary paces at light speed. I love the welcome I've been given, that my friends have been given. I love every last bit of it. And I've rarely felt so at home. That said:


(Round One of the Fluff meme is here!)

1. Stop what you are doing right now.
2. Click "reply to this post."
3. Write up to three sentences (or art up to three artses!) of Arthur/Eames OR REALLY ANY INCEPTION PAIRING, WHY SHOULD WE BE STINGY? indulging in the shameless love-filled kink of your choice. no more than three sentences the code's more what you call guidelines, really YMMV OK. Can be as hot or as schmoopy or as subtexty as you make it, but ~HAPPY~.
   3a. Optional theme for this round: since Halloween is right around the corner, your optional fluff meme theme is: disguise.

Repeat steps 1-3 as many times as you like.