November 12th, 2010


no one knows who we are (because we only play in the dark).

This interview courtesy of meiface once again:

Tom's Arena Homme Interview:

"no one paid me any attention till I started biting shit off people, places and things"

Oh, Tom. You just keep on being the radical element no one knows what to do with. KEEP RIGHT ON, BB.

(my tom bias is so obvious. but really, it's not that i don't love JGL, it's that he's not Arthur to me. Tom isn't Eames either, but he comes closer to me more often (the whole forging identities thing!) than JGL does. one day i'm going to make a post that's just like, 2 columns, and one will be pictures of TOM HARDY AND JGL and one will be pictures of EAMES AND ARTHUR. and they'd have giant /= in the middle. Maybe i will do that next. :) )