March 15th, 2011

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Japanese Cinema Blogathon, #1: Kurutta ippêji (A Page of Madness) (1926)

Note: this journal and regular posts are currently on hiatus through the end of June 2011. However, due to the devastation of the recent earthquake & tsunami, I am participating in Japan Cinema/CinemaFanatic's weeklong Japanese Cinema Blogathon. Donate here; or check after the entry for more places to donate.


Film Kurutta ippêji (Page of Madness) (1926)
Director: Teinosuke Kinugasa
Cast: Masuo Inoue, Yoshie Nakagawa and Ayako Iijima
Review: This film, you guys. one of my all-time favorites. Have flailed for hours attempting to talk about it without just giving up and linking you to Midnight Eye's review instead, but here goes.

the tl;dr version: A Page of Madness is a disjointed and sorrowful story of a family tied to an asylum. It is confusing as shit, but it will blow your mind. It's rare, and difficult to follow because of the subject matter, non-linear structure, and of course because it's a silent film with NO title cards--but A Page of Madness is an absolutely brilliant piece of avante-garde storytelling. Midnight Eye writes, "a synopsis of the plot can't begin to explain the power of the film, nor the audacity of its vision."

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About Blogathon week: I plan on posting once a day between now and next Monday.
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Films I'm planning to review include Shohei Imamura's Vengeance is Mine (serial killers!!!!), Perfect Blue (maybe compared to Inception?), Audition (serial killers!!!!), and Ozu's Floating Weeds. But I'm open to anything, and especially if you make a donation of at least $10 to any of the charities linked in any of these posts, I will make my best effort to watch and review any film you request of me before the end of next week.

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