July 12th, 2011

It's 5:00 somewhere

Hello, livejournal! This is a gratuitous ask-me-anything post.

I've been gone a while! You might have forgotten all about me in the interim. I might have forgotten all about me! So now is our chance to get reacquainted.

Ask me anything! All comments will be screened.

Some questions I can answer for you in advance:
- Love Under Will is currently off again and I have no (current) plans to finish it. This, however, could change next week.
- Yes, I do write femslash and rec femslash!
- I have only written one Dresden Files fic, co-written with the lovely thehoyden, and you can read it here if you like!
- I have not seen HP7.1 and don't have any plans currently to see HP7.2!

What else am I missing? BOMBS AWAY, PALS! :D

Fanfic is still okay! :D

After many many many ages I have finally finished working on the updates to my post from last year about published fanfic.

Needless to say it's now TOTALLY tl;dr, but my hope is that it will continue to be useful wherever discussions of fanfiction come up.

Of course, last Friday Time published Lev Grossman's amazing and insightful article about fanfiction, and I'm pretty sure this heralds the turning of the tide with regard to popular opinion about fandom as a cultural entity. But, hey, the list is there, and I'm happy it's been helpful to people this past year. :)