August 3rd, 2011


Thoughts on There Will Be Blood - get 'em while they're fresh & raw!

WHAT WAS THAT FILM, omg omg. I loved it, I loved it so much. if it weren't 3 am right now I'd be re-watching it all right this second. I feel really wired, just, like, WHAT WAS THAT ZOMG.

There is no good TWBB fanfic, I know because I just went looking for it, lol. But oh my god, wouldn't it be amazing if there were?

vague film spoilers below.

I would love fic with thick, heady swatches of prose that encapsulated some sense of the orgasmic spectacle of Eli's worship performances and Daniel's business performances, and the point-counterpoint between them.

And a plot that would trace the plot of the film, the way HW grows harder and stiffer in every scene he's in; the way you can sometimes just see DP shrinking and shriveling up into his wells of hatred.

The way his dynamic with Eli moves from a delicate trade-off in monologues and sly, careful upstaging of one another, to what is at last a shared, mutual buffoonery so over-the-top it becomes the ultimate declaration of love. It's geysers and geysers of hate and self-loathing that become some sort of baptism, a sacrament for the new America that's being formed out of their personas of false faith and self-deceptive greed. The blessing Eli was never able to deliver at the beginning. Are you washed in the blood? And the end, Eli's rapture as he steps into Daniel's performance, Daniel's rapture in Eli's submission, it's simultaneously so holy and profane and eroticized, it's SO AMAZING, i don't know what to do with it.

And H.W., what a kid. THE EXPLOSIONS. THE CINEMATOGRAPHY. ASDKFJA;JFSD omfg this movie. The grand guignol-ness, the Bordello of Blood, the Dario-Argento-meets-John-Huston-ness of it all.

"These... people." The look on DDL's face when he hears Harry's truth. All the blood that's missing in this movie about blood.

It's like. Hmm. I knew about all the camp in this film, I'd seen multiple excerpts including the finale (which I didn't realize was the finale), I was expecting something boringly grandiose and epic that would feel bloated and drag on forever, because hollywood loves that shit. But this was just astonishing. Just astonishing. I AM SO ASTONISHED RIGHT NOW, omg.


eta: OH, ALSO: homoerotic repression used as an extended metaphor for capitalism????? I have probably seen it done before, but geeeeez thelma and louise, not like this.

Adventures in fandom! - Part 1 of a ~series~

~in which surprise is expressed that women are redefining masculinity~

So there's this absolutely rubbish list put out by the London Times of the Top 100 films of all time. When I say absolute rubbish, I mean that while it includes my beloved Philadelphia Story, it also includes hardly any non-english-language films, and throws in such ~masterpieces~ as High Society (the wretched musical remake of my beloved Philadelphia Story) and Jurassic Park.

At #97 on this ridiculous list is Kathryn Bigelow's 1992 film Point Break. Times writer Wendy Ide points out:
The surprise in Point Break is not that it redefined the macho action flick, but that it was done by a woman. From within a derivative tale about a rookie undercover FBI agent, Keanu Reeves, who infiltrates a gang of, yes, bank-robbing surfers led by Patrick Swayze, director Bigelow magnified the homoerotic tension between agent Reeves and surfer Swayze (parodied recently in Hot Fuzz). She made an action star out of the epicene Reeves and turned the movie’s “100% Pure Adrenaline” mantra into a shooting style — the effects of which are still felt today (the Bourne movies are an elaboration of the Reeves-Swayze chase in Point Break). The surfing scenes aren’t too shabby either.

a) raise your hand if you're completely unsurprised that a woman directed a homoerotic action-adventure blockbuster. o/
b) tangentially, raise your hand if you can name at least three movies Keanu Reeves has starred in that contain deliberately homoerotic overtones. (No, Bill & Ted doesn't count.) o/
c) raise your hand if you totally saw Point Break because of Hot Fuzz. o/
d) raise your hand if you then wrote slash. o/