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let's get the seven lines.
Note: This essay is a revision of an essay I wrote for death_note a while back. (Okay, like, 3 years ago. What.) It is a commentary on the manga, anime, and both films of Death Note, and contains major spoilers for all of them.

Death Note is one of those iconic, apocryphal stories that it feels like everyone's read or at least heard of by now and presumably not just because Zefron is playing Light in the remake.

If you've somehow missed it, let me sum it up for you as:

~GAY SERIAL KILLERS AND THE ECCENTRIC DETECTIVES WHO LOVE THEM. ~ (also there's this notebook that causes mass death & destruction, etc.)

In essence, a perfect date movie.

Or, as Manga Recon put it:

three-year-old meta, five-year-old manga, 3,000 words of L/Light shipping disguised as ~social commentary~, what could possibly go wrong?Collapse )