September 27th, 2011


Delicious v/s Diigo v/s Pinboard

So, Delicious:
I am currently shut out of both of my delicious accounts. I cannot log in to my personal account, bookshop, which I 've had since 2006 and which my firefox extention informs me had 12,679 bookmarks as of the last sync. Apparently my password is suddenly invalid. I'm terrified that half of my tags and links will be gone. Like I said in my previous post, I am supposed to have 532 tags. Instead I only have 48 public tags, NO bundles, and only 6,000 links showing. I'm basically only staying calm and rational about all of this because I'm hoping that everything is there, just locked away, and that once I log in, everything will be as it was before.

Moreover, the big bang directory where we archived and organized all the links to every big bang community in existence, is totally gone from the servers.

I emailed delicious this morning about this. I got back a form letter saying my email had been received, but no ETA on response time, or even if they were aware of the password & missing account issues.


Here's a visual illustration of what we lost in the migration. Click to view the bigger version.

In one fell swoop, we lost: the ability to see descriptions and multiple tags, related tags, popular tags, ability to search by date, tag autofill, ability to edit tags, networks, subscriptions, network subscriptions, tag bundles, and ability to use the "/" tag, and that's just all the stuff I can see while not being logged in.

Additionally, if you look at the number of saves for each link, they've all plummeted. Instead of having links with 60 people saving them, now no link has more than 2 or 3 saves.

And I don't know what the hell all this stacks bullshit is about, but that is not what you used to get when you did a general search for "inception." Now instead of getting the most popular links for that tag, all of which were works of fanfiction, you get a bunch of generic wikis and some crappy looking pictures. WTF is Daniel Day Lewis doing on a search for Inception?

Overall their searches have changed substantially. Currently there's only one fanfic that shows up on the first page when you search for "inception," and the inception tag itself is now littered with non-fanfiction links where typically before, as you can easily see in the screencap above, the tag was 99.9% fanfic and only rarely did an interview or related link show up in the wash of fics.

And when you search for "arthur/eames" - well, you can't anymore. :D :D :D Oh. And. Here's what you get when you search for the words "arthur" and "eames" with no joiner: BBC Merlin and some shit about british guys named Arthur. Related tags: "swallows." Just. What? What?

See where I'm going with this? It seems obvious that whether it was done intentionally or not, delicious' search functionality changes have severely decimated the fandom presence on the site.


On my last post, [personal profile] mayanara was good enough to tell me that Diigo has deleted my account because it was blocked for SPAMMING.

The one and only time I have ever used my diigo account, it was to import all of my thousands of delicious bookmarks, in case of delicious doing what it just did. As I recall, it took diigo over two weeks to complete the import. After that, I never used the site at all.

I guess they decided that since I had over 12,000 bookmarks on their servers but wasn't paying for anything, I must be a spammer. But they never sent me any kind of email notification that my account was in jeopardy of being deleted.

I emailed Diigo to ask them why they'd deleted my account with no warning. I got no auto-response or a response of any kind.

All that and they don't allow a "/" tag? Screw you very much, Diigo.


Pinboard, on the other hand, has been openly welcoming fandom since the first influx last December. The owner has expressed several times over that he's thrilled at the number of fans coming over to the site, and he was among the first to tweet earlier today: "Just a gentle reminder to fanfic people - / tag works just fine on Pinboard :-)"

and also: @Proph3tic there's a fair amount of fanfic people now. I've been trying to lure them for a while since I know they're devoted bookmarkers

He also explicitly replied to a lot of fans, as we were tweeting about the Delicious fiasco, in order to explain some of the differences between Pinboard and Delicious, and invite people to come on board. So, already just in terms of outreach, Pinboard is leaving the others behind by a mile.

I got a Pinboard account last year and I've had no problems with it at all. My two regrets are a) that I'm not currently rich enough to start buying accounts for everyone around me, and b) that I didn't back up my Delicious account over there before this happened. As it is, I've only (potentially) lost six months' of bookmarks as opposed to 5 years of bookmarks.


Also, note, per @Pinboard: "Looks like delicious has blocked me from syncing people's accounts. You can still import bookmarks, but not keep them synced."

So, Delicious has not only moved to hack away at its own functionality, content, and search features, but at its cross-platform usability.

Delicious tweeted earlier today that "we're listening!" and said that "fixes" were on the way.

I can't remotely believe, looking at the changes between yesterday and today, that they are actually capable of listening to Delicious' userbase, because if they had ever listened to us at all, then this would never have happened to begin with.


And if anyone has any ideas on how I might be able to access and backup my delicious bookmarks without being able to log in, please let me know. :(

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