October 14th, 2011

everybody wants to be a cat

Fic: One Time For Your Mind. Arthur/Eames, 3800 words

oh my god i'm so drunk

thanks [personal profile] cherrybina for hosting the meme wherein this glorious prompt was born, and giving me an excuse to write club fic. I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN CLUB FIC BEFORE, THIS IS A STUPENDOUS ACHIEVEMENT. and by "club fic" i mean "shameless excuse for arthur and eames to cuddle and talk about how much they love each other" because really this is the only thing i want in life, OH GOD SO DRUNK.

eta: the SUMMARY FOR THIS FIC IS: Arthur hates his life, he hates this song, he hates this job, and he hates Eames most of all. In a 10 Things kind of way.

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