December 16th, 2011



Our movie night was fabulous last night. Everyone loved Bride & Prejudice and a bunch of people stuck around for Bend it Like Beckham. And then after that we all just kept hanging out and talking, and we wound up discussing, among a host of other things:
  • Inception fandom, and why Arthur/Eames is the monstrous phenomenon that it is
  • why the fandom as a whole is amazing and epic and also why it can be problematic and marginalizing if you don't ship the white male slash ship, and how we combat that and acknowledge that while still enjoying ourselves
  • gay serial killer fics - specifically, this amazing fic where Justin Timberlake is one. Seriously. it's AMAZING. go read it.
  • tangentially, this meta-textual postmodern creepypasta-inspired Bandom vampire epidemic fic, which I can't even talk about without just breaking down and shouting GO READ IT RIGHT NOW. and i don't even like bandom. or vampires. or epidemics. so.
  • 80's action flicks and the requisite parts of all of them, namely homoeroticism, conservative agendas, and mullets. :D
  • Inception library AUs, where we all wound up very seriously searching for one in particular for about half an hour. We found like 20 others instead.
  • vidding and vid cons, and Yuletide, and dream_holiday

i don't even know what else but DUDE. I LEFT AFTER NEARLY EIGHT HOURS. AND THEN I COULDN'T SLEEP BECAUSE I JUST LITERALLY LAY AWAKE WITH MY HEAD TEEMING WITH INCEPTION META, AND FIC, AND THE GIDDINESS THAT COMES FROM HAVING SUCH ENERGY AROUND THE FANDOM THAT YOU LOVE. And it is amazing, absolutely amazing, that that energy still exists in Inception fandom a year and a half after the movie came out, and that so many of us are still here and wanting to be right in the center of it.



What I always want more of is even more discussion about the movie, the characters, the plot, the backstory, the architecture, the ridiculous, the awesome, EVERYTHING.




How to play: 1. comment here, and I and/or other people will ask you 3.14 inception-related questions.*
For example:
1. What part of Inception did you like the most?
2. Which character did you want the most backstory on, and why?
3. Why does Limbo look more like Kansas City than a paradise?
3.14. If you could build anything in limbo what would it be?

OR: What are your top 3.14 favorite garments worn in the movie?

OR: What are your top 3.14 favorite scenes from Jizzy's Domesticverse?

2. You reply with your 3.14 answers!
3. You ask someone else for their 3.14 things!



* this may be 3, or 4, or 3.5, or whatever. Math: not really our strong suit.