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let's get the seven lines.
Hi, LJ / DW!

I am so very remiss in letting you guys know where I've been and what I've been writing, but I do have a couple of quick updates for you:

  • AfterElton has asked me to be one of their 5 new "slash experts" for their brand-new column on slash fandom, The Shipping News! I'm so excited, omg! And I have to thank the Daily Dot for letting me be a part of this. Our first column is up right this way, and if you're in the mood for a discussion about RPF, there's a heated one going on in comments, so grab popcorn and dive in! :D

  • This is not a journalism update but omg Fandomspotting!! We've done 3 eps so far and it's so much fun! Last week we spotlighted YULETIDE and it was awesome. This week we're hosting our first fandom-specific ep, and it's all about DOCTOR WHO! So join us for this weekend's livecast if you can, or check out the podcast if you can't! :)

  • I keep being asked to provide links to my fandom coverage at the Dot, and I've been failing, but so far you can read everything I've posted either at my Daily Dot byline or over at my Tumblr tag!

  • I've received a lot of feedback saying that I misrepresented podfic fandom in my recent article on podfic for the Daily Dot. Ordinarily I prefer to let my journalism speak for itself, or make a correction when I make a mistake--but in this case things aren't that simple. I don't want anyone's trust in me as a journalist to suffer because of this, so if I may, I want to say a few things--primarily that I did not take my interpretation of what happened from FFA. I am a professional journalist with 11 years of experience. I do not take the word of an anon meme as a source.

    My research and word choice + editorial weigh-in, for anyone who caresCollapse )

    You guys are always welcome to call me out on anything you're unhappy with, at any time. The comments to my articles are always open, and we recently updated our commenting system so now (thank god) you don't have to log in through Facebook!