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I was looking through old YM's just now and I found this. It was too good not to share:

potterstinks: I'd intended on inviting Potter over for a shag to videotape for your birthday, but now I see he's rather busy starring in literature.
vanityfair: *chokes* I'm sure he wouldn't mind taking time off. Besides, you're starring as well.
vanityfair: You seem to be rather inclined to get chained up.
potterstinks: If anyone's getting chained, it's bloody well not going to be me. That sort of thing is for slaves. You know, Mudbloods and the like.
vanityfair: hey! don't knock the chains til you've tried them, I say.
vanityfair: all that clanking? very dramatic.
potterstinks: Yes, but unfortunately, I'm not interested in starring in A Christmas Carol.
vanityfair: *quickly erases Scrooge/Cratchett fic*
potterstinks: Now that's simply in poor taste.

Am off to school. Thanks, galen75!
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