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get them while they're young, evita, get them while they're young...

vanityfair: we should open a bookstore together!
vanityfair: then we would have jobs!
weatherby: I have always wanted to open one, haha.
vanityfair: me too
vanityfair: haha, we can open up a bookstore that deals in illicit fanfic in the backroom!
weatherby: !
vanityfair: we can call it Libra Veritas!
weatherby: Hahahahahaha.
vanityfair: *is actually thinking about it now*
weatherby: Then when we get arrested we can shout, "VIVA LA REVOLUTION!"
weatherby: And wear black armbands.
vanityfair: no, i think we should wear black death eater tattoos
vanityfair: and we can have posters of che guevara on the walls
weatherby: Hahahaha.
weatherby: And that hacker.
vanityfair: and write manifestos like "the anarchists guide to fanfiction"
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