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The Update

and no, i'm not just talking about RQ Con. (Furking FINALLY!)

I owe Shadow an email, and a phone call. I owe Angela the same because I just got her Valentines card(s! Aww!! A black Arnold Vosloo!) on Friday, the same day that I finally checked all my mail for the first time in nearly a month. The postman had been so kind as to wrap it all up in a big huge stack with a big huge rubber band.

Thursday and Will (I actually wrote "and Ron" the first time) came to visit this weekend.
Things happened.

The Harry Potter PersonalityTest - Who Are YOU?

You're Draco Malfoy!
You're confident, know your abilities and always try to challenge your limits. You know exactly what you want and how to get it. You're not satisfied until the matter is finished the way you wanted, and above all you rely on yourself and not others.

Who are YOU?

It's no secret that I'm Draco. Confession, I took it the first time and wound up Harry. I was shocked. Dude, I even said I'd keep the stupid wallet.

So anyway, it was an eventful weekend and I'm recuping now by writing this and apologizing basically to *everybody* on RQ for not being around, and also catching up on like fifty emails I owe Erica. Fran just wrote to everyone on Draco_101 (the YG list where LUW is housed, along with her wonderful fic "Resolution" (look it up at schnoogle.com under Frances Potter. I'm too wiped to provide the link) and warned us about not swearing.

I think I swear more than anybody and I'm the other moderator.

RQ has so spoilt me.

*long slow sigh*

We had two excellent days, Thursday and I and Will. Friday (most especially Friday night) and Sunday. Dudes, Super Troopers is nothing like the previews. It's funny, highly original, and eminently quotable. I recommend it. It's such the kind of indy film RQ would make yo. Oh, and Thursday saw the Place too, V, so now she knows why we want to take it over and live there.

I miss Penny Arcade.

My ice cream is melting.

I got a review for LUW that said, quote, "Daaaaaaang!" I must say I'm very proud.

Shadow, once again, I swear I'll email you back or call you. I may do that tonight before AT&T cuts my Long-distance service which I haven't paid in friggin' forever.

Angela, I miss you. *hugs* I miss everybody. Cathryn, I know you're out there. I just haven't...I just have been severely distracted. I'll try to get to it tonight. *hugs you too*

it's 7 pm and all I want to do is curl up with a blanket, the 6-hour Pride and Prejudice, and my cat, and drink hot chocolate and eat warm food. It's snowing here, but it stopped snowing long enough for my two wonderful guests to get back on the road.

I've been avoiding the phone all weekend. I dread checking voice mail.

I think things are fine. But I also think I'm wiped. And once again, I'm being slightly cryptic and edgy in this rare rare update, but hopefully that'll pan out soon and i'll become a bit more in the world. hopefully.

Now, for any interested parties. The Harry Potter Drinking Game (we created it--this one is for Chamber of Secrets):

1 drink for every 5 Gryff points taken by Snape

2 drinks every time Ron is jealous

3 drinks every time Draco is described as being "pointy"
3 drinks every time Snape is described as being "greasy"

2 drinks for "You Know Who"/ 3 for "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named"

3 drinks anytime Ginny actually has a line.

2 drinks everytime Dobby is self-abusive

2 drinks for everytime Neville blows up a cauldron

1 drink for everytime Harry's eye color is mentioned.
2 drinks for everytime his scar is mentioned.

1 drink for everytime Malfoy drawls

2 drinks for everytime the Dursley's weight is referred to.

4 drinks for anytime Colin takes a picture.

2 drinks for anytime Gilderoy smiles

2 drinks for anytime the twins play a prank, any curses are used, and Hermione makes mention of a book the others haven't read; if it's "Hogwarts: A History"--5 drinks.

1 drink every time Dumbledore is vague.

Everytime Arthur Weasley messes up something Muggle

2 drinks for every mention of the word "Snitch"
" " " " " " "Mudblood"

3 drinks everytime Harry does magic without meaning to

Huge Gulp for every slash undertone between Harry and Draco, or Fred and George.

2 drinks for every time we insult Ron :) (I think this happens more often than any other)

1 drink for every time Harry is a smartass.

The comic is great, and I love the rant, Veronica. over and out.
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