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I have this huge LJ post I'm supposed to make with lots of random shit on it but that has to make way for this.
Oh my god! I had no idea the Dead!James fic was at SF.net! Savidana, you sneak!

A note to aeristerra and "sockschan: this is NOT the link exchange. I repeat. this is NOT the link exchange. Trust me, you do not want to click on the above link as your introduction to Harry Potter slash.

For the rest of the sick perverts like me who have been wandering around for a year going 'man, i wish i'd gotten to read that fic,' now's your chance. Click away.

Edited to say: Oh my god. It is horrible and hilarious. And I am probably the only person on earth who will enjoy it for the humor, so for god sake, don't click that link if you are easily squicked by ANYTHING. Trust me.

I wonder if the Flobberworm fic is hiding anywhere.

*random spontaneous lesbian flings to nmalfoy*

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