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Why aren't you coming to Nimbus 2004? Wah! I want to meet you!
I'd love to meet you too. It will happen!

what has you feeling merely complacent?
haha, i don't remember, so it couldn't have been too pressing.

What message is on your answering machine?
haha, a very boring one, really. i used to sing songs but that got old.

Why aren't you on Y!M much anymore? We missssssesssss you!
usually it's cause when i want to be i can't be and when i have time to be i don't want to be. it's a vicious cycle. i'll try to be on more, but i'm so stressed out anymore i lack the energy to go on messenger.

how fast do you have to be driving toward a red light to make it appear green?
Well you never want to start out *too* fast, you know, because then it will be prepared for you. I think it helps to start violently speeding up about 100 feet before you're supposed to stop. The secret is to let it know that you're not intimidated by it. Normally the sudden last-second agression will frighten it into changing colors. However I also find it helps to be prepared to swerve into the left turn lane like that's where you meant to be all along.

If you could be anyone in the wizarding world, who would it be and why?
I'd be Harry Potter, so that he could give Draco Malfoy the love he so richly deserves. <3 Of course If I were Harry I'd probably really suck at the whole saving the world bit, but the blowjobs would make up for it.

Do you think potterstinks is having an illict affair with a house elf?

Moo with me.

have you done spinning? did your ass hurt afterward?
er, yes, i'm sure it did.

what happened with `twelfth night'? what, what? *wibbles* *misses!*
*pats and feels guilty for using so many caps the other night*
Sigh. I took Twelfth Night down for personal reasons. I'm really glad you all liked it, and I enjoyed writing it, but I have no plans to post it again.

More LUW -- when? ;p
Um. *takes aggressive tactic* More TPE -- when?

What is your favorite place, and why?
Oh. Yeesh. I haven't really been that many places but I think my favorite place right now is an even split between New York City and the coast of Oregon.

...what are you doing RIGHT at this very moment?
sitting in my pajamas and typing this and wondering if i should put on another sweater and also thinking about love under will.

where do you get the inspiration for your fics, and do you often wrestle with an idea for a long time before it materializes the way you visualize it?

sometimes. my writing process isn't really consistent: i tend to dash off ficlets and sweat and labor over the longer stuff. i'll re-write things three or four times or more if i have to, to get it right: i rewrote a few chapters of LUW three times at least, and rewrote commencement and added something like 15 pages to it. but then there are fics like blue jeans! harry and Atrophy that i sit down and write in an afternoon because the buzz and the idea hit me.

where do i get inspiration? from the tea party, or a line of poetry, a lot of times--it will germinate in my head and take shape slowly. i also get ideas especially from conversations i have with people. part of the primary plot inspiration for LUW came from a late night steak and shake conspiracy theory i cooked up with pinkocracy after seeing HPSS (and V, you can't tell anybody what it was, if you even remember. :D) atrophy developed in my head after a talk with weatherby; strip/tease! was the result of a comment thursdaystgiles made about luw back before it had even been posted anywhere. i tend to think of writing as a very fluid give-and-take process. i like having longer sections of luw ironed out and feeling able to know where i'm going with it--but i don't like writing in a vacuum, and the feedback i got on the early first drafts of the first part of the fic was hugely important in terms of allowing me to continue on with it. i think the energy and inspiration that comes from getting support and input as i write is an important part of the journey of a fic. :) thanks for asking.

When do you find out about your audition? My fingers are hurting from being crossed so long :-*

erm, well i actually found out last saturday that i got highest marks on the audition evaluation from every teacher in the room so i think that means that i got back into the school, but i've been sitting on the news because i am small and easily embarrassed and did not really want to write anything about it and did not know how to say anything without looking conceited especially not before i had gotten the official response.

What is your second OTP in HP?
Oh. Hmm. *thinks* okay, i have to say this even though it's one of the most obscure ships i know of: it was originally my very first ship, the couple i kept thinking "oh, they'd be so PERFECT for each other!" all throughout the first three books. Percy/Hermione, dude.

If you could date anyone, who would it be and why?
wow. i don't know if i can answer that. i don't think i've ever really had a date i consider a good one. i hate the whole process of it, and i'd rather just get to know somebody casually and suddenly find myself comfortable with the whole touching/romantic behavior. skip the whole dating thing. however, that said, i'd love to go out on a date with my lovely netwife dancingrain. :D and i wouldn't say no to orlando bloom, either.

how tall are you?
haha, five feet six and a half inches, unless i've grown, and i doubt it.

Do you like cheese?
so much they named a cheese after me. ;)

What's your favorite kind of cookie?
i don't really like cookies too much but i love soft-batch chocolate chip and girl scout samoans.

Who's your favorite Sesame Street puppet and why?
Oscar, who needs no explanation. But in what should have ben a strong hint as to my future career, my favorite Muppets were always the two old critics in the balcony. :D

Why should I read "Snitch!"?
Because it is a fandom H/D classic, and reading it will help you understand where the tradition of sexy-and-oh-so-gay-yet-undeniably-hip fandom!draco began to emerge; because it is fast-paced, funny, and full of lovely descriptive imagery; because it is one of the fanfics with the rarity of a strong harry, and the only fanfic that has ever made me truly understand harry as an orphan, and how that affected (arrested) his development in later years; because it is one of the few fanfics that made me cry (alex, cassie, amalin, and most recently NA are in that short category); because it was in the new york times, dammit! :D; because the author is a talented boo and i loff him dearly; and finally and most importantly, because i like it, and anything i like is Good. :D (and Las, don't you start. ;) )

What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever done?
Getting in my car and driving west for three days with no destination and less than two hundred dollars. okay, technically i only drove west for a day and a half; i stopped about an hour west of Topeka because I was freaked out by the Great Plains. I'd never seen them before. The lack of trees, anywhere, truly terrified me. I called my best friend from a payphone and she asked me to please come home. I had wanted to make it as far as Colorado Springs because I wanted to see the mountains again; but just before I called her I had gotten out the road map and seen that after I had been driving and driving I was barely a third of the way across Kansas, and my stomach lurched in horror and a part of me crumpled up with panic at the thought of having to drive nine more hours at least amid all of those Plains. I turned around and drove back through Nebraska, and the relief of going home made the return trip much pleasanter than the first leg, which is still something of a blur. I was stopped by a cop driving through a teeeny little missouri town because I hadn't noticed a speed limit change the night before; he kept shining his searchlight in my face and gaping at me: "you mean you don't know anybody, you're not going to visit anybody? you're just out for a drive?" "yep, that's right." he had his police dispatch call my best friend to verify my name and identity. So the cops wake my best friend up at two in the morning or something (i think they woke her up, i don't remember) and tell her they're calling from Missouri to ask about Aja Romano. "Is she... okay?" they say. I am sitting in the car the whole time thinking they're going to put me in jail and i'm going to have to call my mom in tennessee from a missouri jail cell and ask for bail. and then the cops gets off the phone with Stace and the dude shines the searchlight in my face *again* and says "you sure you don't have any drugs in your trunk or anything?" --he doesn't actually bother to check the trunk which i find very amusing at this point. "well," he says finally, looking mystified, "you've got the strangest one of the night, i'll tell you that."

and then he tells me how to get to st. louis.

thus ends the very embarrassing and somewhat intensely private tale of the most ridiculous thing i ever did. </storytime>

How many H/D slashers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
none. get an H/G-er to do it. we'd never get it done. why screw in light bulbs when you can watch h/d screw each other?

why are kosher pickles kosher? are they blessed? they use kosher salt?
i don't know but i suggest you contact whoever's in charge of protecting olive oil's virginity.

A man owns a hotel. He leaves the hotel, walks three blocks and gets arrested. Why?
uh ... ... he's playing monopoly?? *wishes rach were around so she could tell me the answer*

Why is a kangaroo?
because dungaroos were taken.

Should I cut my hair?

Did you really write LUW, or did a little green Martian take over your body and do it?
hahaha, is that your way of saying that everything else i write sucks in comparison? :D

how long is a piece of string?
as long as you need it to be, but not too long, because even while it's really hard to give a man enough string so that he'll hang himself, it's always possible that he could try to eat it, choke, and die.

Did you read the Crowley poem (I sent you a link)?
*facepalms* I think i did. i might have bookmarked it--i have a whole folder of Crowley links and I've seen a lot of his poetry before. now i am feeling sheepish that i cannot remember. eep.

What other slash & het pairings do you read besides H/D? Why them?
i'll read and enjoy any pairng if the story is good and recced highly enough, but i rarely seek out anything but h/d. harry/hermione is my canon ship but i hate most h/h fics i read, unless somebody like lori or libbie or parker is writing them.

Will you let me write a second chapter of your Jett fic?
no. it is mine and i am not done with it yet. *wibbles and wonders if you are asking because you feel you could do a better job, which you probably could, but it is still mine :(((((( *

What is making you smile, right now?
er, well, i'm still wibbling over the previous question but the fact that you have asked me that is bringing a smile to my face because it just shows how ourloveissopure. :-*

how did you choose your username?
i didn't choose it--it chose me. it's the origin of my actual name. my middle name is Fair, and i was named after the book Vanity Fair, which my mom was reading at the time. it is just a part of me.

Want to see my Dan portrait? </shameless>
absolutely. in general, i never say no to art. :D

What was the first piece you ever sang in public?
That would be when I was about 7 years old and it was either "consider yourself" from Oliver or "the heather on the hill" from brigadoon.

Favorite name for a fish?
anything but mr. limpid.

What's the best HP fic ML out there?
oooh. eeesh. that depends on what you're looking for. do you want high-volume discussion? a steady stream of fic recs? but wait, since i know you, i know you're probably looking for lots of Snape-slash and/or sirius fics. in that case, i suggest Veela Inc or Glasses Reflect, the mailing list for the Potter Slash Archive. :D

But really what I would suggest you do is start out with a few fic archives like the PSA or Diagon Alley, read the fics there, and see what kind of stuff you like. Both the lists I've just mentioned deal in slash fics; there are plenty of other mailing lists out there for het fans, and many mailing lists for the discussion of specific pairings and stories.

oh, hell, just leave me a comment or something and tell me what you're looking for and i'll tell you where to go. :D and give my regards to Clarence. :D oh, and incidentally, sweetie, Remus/Sirius is the only slash ship i have shipped since reading canon 4 years ago. I shipped it before i knew i was even a slasher, haha.

I never know what to ask on these polls. So... What is the significance of your user icon titled "Lea"? *puzzled*

*uses icon* she's Lea Salonga, she's my favorite singer. She was the original Miss Saigon on Broadway and I got to see her play the role there again in 1999. She was also the singing voice of Jasmin and Mulan, and the girl who plays Eponine on the concert version of Les Miserables. She recently starred in the revival of a Flower Drum Song on Broadway, and has been a pop star in the Phillipines since she was a little girl. She's a beautiful woman, and very sweet. Onstage she just mesmerizes you. And I *adore* her voice.

What do your RL friends think of your fanfic, and involvement in the fandom generally?
I'm not sure any of them understand it but they've always supported me without needing to understand. a few of them understand because i met them in my previous fandom. :D i've turned a lot of my real-life friends on to harry potter, and a few of them i've turned on to the fandom (see above reply about mailing lists, etc). i have a constant circle of support among my friends no matter what i do, i think, and i'm very grateful for that. a few of them have read love under will, or have at least allowed me to shove parts of it in their face and babble excitedly. :D the most troubling thing is that i haven't worked up the nerve to tell my mom about slash. i'm currently working on printing out the story and a few of the more meaningful reviews and letters i've gotten about it so that she'll understand how important it is to me and have a chance to read it-- but it's a huge step to take and i'm 100% sure she won't be happy about it.

What is your favorite kind of fruit? *grins*

Umm. Favorite color?
Either dark red or dark green, depending on my mood, but dark green usually edges out.

Have you ever considered growing a mullet?
No. Have you ever considered drawing me luw fanart? *bats eyelashes*


You should read the femmeslash ficlet on my LJ
I should. I should read more femmeslash, period.

I'm working on a history essay. :P
I hope you finished it! :)

do you know how awesome you are thought to be?
Er. No. But, uh, thank you.

I love you. And can't wait for Nimbus.
*blush* thank you!

A duck's quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why.
I have been pondering this for two days, thank you very much.

If not, I think he still fantasizes about it.
I bet he imagines it wearing harry's clothes though.

Yes. That is the answer.

Italians say 'dream of gold', not 'sweet dreams'
I think that is very sweet, and also, am happily mystified by your username.

u'r 1 of the few that truly help me understand <3
waaaaah thank you. <3! if that is the case then i hope i can make you understand how vital i think canon is! *goes to respond to all the comments which she only just saw last night at like 4 am and has not had a chance to answer*

i wuv u
*hearts to death*

I'm learning guitar in the fall and I'm excited!
you are so lucky! i miss playing the piano so much and have often thought about taking lessons again if i can find the time/money! good luck!

I LOVE YOU! *hugs*
Awww! *hugs back*

your fics are lovely. i'm starting an h/d
i hope that was "i'm starting an h/d fic." :) feel free to comment or email me and tell me the rest? :)

Perky icon = cute, but at the same time, HELLSCARY

I love eggs.
so do i. Rach is such a heathen.

I like cheese. And Chex Mix.
I concur.

I gave up sweets for lent...my roommate made fudge
*laughs* well, sweetie, what are friends for? :D

... I like cheese. *solemn nod*
...is there a cheese conspiracy i've missed?

Garlic can make anything taste good. :)
except that i hate garlic. i hate anything remotely spicy. *is whimp*

Pooh Bear's adorable and Piglet just annoys me.
but Eeyore owns your ass.

Diana W. Jones is one of my very favorite authors!
Haha. I have never read her. And no, I am not NA Hermione. :D

I want to play Literati with you! :D
hahaha, i suck! i really do.

It's partly my fault that NY has a state muffin.
you said this just to make me curious, didn't you? you muffin-tease.

http:\\musicalis.fading-trees.net [you're loved!]
*speechless* ... wow. um. thank you. i don't know what to say!! *gapes*

I watched 4 consecutive hours of Buffy.
it is addictive. damn it.

someone did "twelfth night" HP style on schnoogle
oooooooh! *hopes it was h/d* that is my favorite play! :)

A nose in need deserves Puffs indeed.
thank you for sharing.

i was just at a concert and am tired and in pain.
i sympathize completely.

the boxes on these aren't long enough!
they are supposed to be 200 characters! >:0 *sulks*

I am a little green Martian. From, like... Mars.
Hahaha. Did you write love under will? and can i play with your space gun?

Velvet Goldmine + Vodka = hahahahaha.
*bursts into laughter* please, please leave me more comments while drunk. :D

Go read the 'Life of Pi' by Yann Martel. :D
okay! :) *looks up on amazon*

I love all your dog icons.
i have more where they came from. epistolarie, what site did we get those from?

I want to jump on the sapiosexual bandwagon
i think you already are, love. *pets*

I miss you. And am sending you a lot of hugs.
thank you. i miss you too. we need another one of those 'ahhhhh we really will change the world through slash, won't we?!' talks soon. *masses of hugs*

you have the cutest icon ever
awww! thank you! :)

I learned how to read when I was four.
me too! the first book i ever read was a Felix the Cat book. but my mom used to read fairy tales aloud to me all the time.

Spanish is a spawn of satan
es verdad.

I'm stalking Jason as we speak. :)
you and the J-boys. will the madness never end?

Um. No idea what you'd like to know, if anything.
hmm. well, what's your favorite book, and why?

Need an 'Enchanted Evening' beta? I'm your girl.
Awww! Thank you for the offer! I might take you up on that but if I don't don't feel bad, since i often post to lj without any beta.

Fav. shoes: lime green stelletos- I so wish!
o.O wow. that just screams cameron diaz to me for some reason.

I have rope burn all over my body.
o.O o.O o.O do i even want to ask?

My left eye is burning.
be grateful it's not rope burn.

Haha. that was fun!

*has successfully wasted an hour of the day! w00t!*

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  • Leviosa and the calling of Harry Potter

    You guys! So I went to leviosa2016 over the weekend and I guess the fruits of that labor are best summed up by the fact that i just…

  • Inception fandom, how I love you.

    Hi, LJ. I miss you so much. I feel displaced constantly on the Internet these days. My heart is like a grounded fledgling, staring longingly back at…

  • Things and Sundry.

    We have surpassed the Kickstarter goal for Fight Like a Girl by a stunning $1,000!!!!!! I am in complete shock. Thank you to all of you. <3…