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So, I can't go another minute without reccing layha's Songvids, especially the one she's set to Bartok's Hungarian dances. It's absolutely incredible, and I think it tells us more about Harry than either of the movies managed to do. She says it's Harry/Voldemort-- I think it's as much about Harry confronting the Boy-Who-Lived as it is Harry-Voldemort. Either way, it's utterly brilliant.

I have a new layout. This one will last probably five minutes, as I'm currently scouting for a new one, and since I suck at making them myself, I have to throw myself at the mercy of others. In the meantime, I was ready for a change, so, thanks to delfeus for the avatar, and to, er, potterstinks for the original manip.

awwwwwww, draco. isn't he cute? Okay, so maybe I'll keep him up for a little longer. :)

Right, I'm about to attempt to go a whole day without checking my email or my friends page. Leave me comments so I'll have something to look forward to when I finally do! >:D<

Edit: Announcement!

Okay, so this applies to all of you, mostly, as I think we've established that nobody in fandom lives anywhere near me--but, just in case:

You're all invited to my studio recital tomorrow. It's at 3:00 at Ford Hall, which is the *little* gorgeous recital hall (enter by the fountain, go up one flight of steps, follow the signs, etc.), and I will be singing a Mozart duet and a little Puccini aria. Nothing fancy, but you're all invited. :)

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