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Waiting for the train, ventilation blows up her skirt

i'm not really into the whole genderswapped cast thing, but i've been wanting to make a post forever and ever to say that the canonical genderswapped Arthur & Eames in my head are:

  • young Jamie Lee Curtis:

    (lose the leg warmers, keep the guns, amirite.)

    she just is girl!Arthur to me.

  • and Emily fucking Blunt.

    She is awesome and so down to earth and something about her just screams girl!Eames to me:

    like how she prefers slumping around in sweatpants to fancy corsets. <33333333 (In another interview she talks about wanting to trade in high heels for a pair of Uggs every chance she gets. :D)

    "I don't care how big (the job) is, I don't care how small (the job) is, I don't care how big my part is or how small it is--I just am attracted to doing something I've never done before."

    "I think there is something courageous if you're willing to see the good in everyone and willing to help them change themselves--save themselves."

    ~ Bonus: ~

    "She's so uptight, but she charmed me in how uptight she was... she irritated me profoundly, and that's why I liked her. I'm always drawn to a challenge."

    HMMMM. :D
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