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let's get the seven lines.

Happy birthday to frances_potter. Fran, ever since I met you I've believed that you are quite possibly the sweetest, most earnest person in this fandom. I've never doubted that, and you've never in all the time I've known you, proved me wrong. I love your passion for H/D, and I love your dedication and care for your friends, your writing, and the pairing itself. I also think that you are much much stronger than you've ever given yourself credit for, and I think that you don't generally give yourself enough credit for being such a sincere and generous person. You and aome (to whom I owe more belated happy birthdays and well-wishes) were really my first two fandom friends. When I think back to that time and those first months through winter and spring I feel a bit like Dorothy saying goodbye to the scarecrow: I think I'm going to miss you most of all. I think you are a beautiful writer, a beautiful gift to the fandom, to our ship, and a beautiful human being. Even to this day I can't help thinking, 'she probably won't believe any of this,' not just because I'm the one saying it (although, duh), but because I don't think you understand how much your friends love and admire you. But I mean that so much, and always have.

Shit, and now I'm crying. If I could give you, Fran, any gift in the world, today or any day, I would give you the gift of self-acceptance--or even, in the words of Robert Burns, 'oh would god the gift he give us, to see ourselves as others see us.' Because, even though the words were written in mockery, if you could see yourself the way the rest of us see you, you would never lack faith in yourself ever again. You would never lack confidence in yourself ever again. And you would know that everything you want is attainable, and all the problems you've faced this past year--problems you've handled with so much grace and courage--they're all surmountable, because of all your heart and soul and dedication.

I am, and always will be, proud to know you, and grateful to call you my friend. Happy birthday, with much love.


I hope everybody had a happy fourth of July. Thanks especially to you, you, and you for making today so special. It was so good of you to remember me, your oldest and closest Bloomington friend still-in-town, the way you did, and your including me now that we're all going to be housemates together truly made me feel so appreciated and loved. It's so nice to know you guys and know how thoughtful you can be. It was a truly memorable holiday, thanks in part to each of you.


My respect for this woman grows exponentially by the day. just when i think i can't respect her any more than i already do, she proves me wrong. i want to live my life like you, EQ. Maybe without the vambraces, but in just about everything else. *loves*


Ten days before I fly out to Orlando. Ten days in which to somehow pack up everything in this apartment and store it somewhere in the apartment downstairs, find a job, re-read OOTP, pack for this trip, figure out where the hell I am spending the 3 weeks after Nimbus and how I am going to eat between now and, oh, whenever my mom gets paid, and figure out where I am going to get $300 to secure my fourth of the deposit in August.

Ten motherfucking days. Let the count-down begin.
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