let's get the seven lines. (bookshop) wrote,
let's get the seven lines.


Ivy's cancellation of her goddamn trip to Nimbus is NOT cause for all of you to go give her sympathy and lament all the horrible things that have happened to her, why?

Because Ivy was ALREADY not planning to go to Nimbus. YES. You heard it here first. She had already planned to cancel her trip for reasons that had NOTHING TO DO with the convention. Namely, Bonibaru's plans changed unexpectedly, and if Bonibaru can't go to Nimbus Ivy can't go to Nimbus because they were going to room together. She had already decided this before she even heard about what I said.

But she conveniently has forgotten all about this in order to blame me and play the victim card for all she's worth.

Like usual.

IvyBlossom, I apologized sincerely to you for hurting your feelings. I CRIED when I talked to you because I would never have done that to you willingly for the world, to you or anyone. And I have no idea how my apology to you--

--about a post that I posted on a heavily filtered journal that was already friends-only, to six people, one of whom had their journal hacked and my post lifted and passed around like candy--

--and my trying to make things right, and posting what I did on my journal about how I would understand if people had lost faith with me over this, gives you the impetus to make a post like this. A POST ACCUSING ME OF THREATENING YOUR LIFE.

That is lower than anything else that has happened in this whole unpleasant mess.

I can barely type. I cannot believe you would stoop to that.

Fuck you, Ivy.

May you never have a night's peace again.

Edit. I have yet to accuse anyone specifically of stealing the post. Either publicly or privately. bonibaru is on crack.

Also, the post that has been linked to in the comments section of this post is, in fact, the Notorious Filtered Post in question. It was originally filtered only to cellardoor, weatherby, eleveninches, altricial, thessamunga, and *name withheld by request*. None of them passed the post around. Believe me. They all have the highest respect for my privacy and each other's privacy, and I've posted far too many personal things to them before to ever have any doubt that they would ever spread a post like this--which is incidentally pretty much one of the only remotely mean-spirited posts I've made around here, on either journal--around to my worst enemies. The only viable solution is that someone logged into my account, or one of their accounts, and passed the post around for all to see. The post that was linked to is the actual post, word for word. You can judge accordingly whether or not I pose a threat to Nimbus, Ivy, or anyone else.</b>
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